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I’m Zoey, a college student, aspiring author, food writer, and the founder and CEO of The Girl With Curlz! I’m majoring in photojournalism with a minor in Africology. I am currently living in Philadelphia, PA with my husband Trey, but I am originally from Mobile, Alabama.

With the support of my husband, family, and close friends, I am able to write about what I love, eat great food, and travel whenever I am not in school.

I love to write! I started this blog as a casual hobby, but now I’m turning my talent and passion into a business.

I love photography, FOOD, and traveling wherever my bank account will allow. My goal is to travel and highlight food made by African people throughout the diaspora.

I spend the bulk of my time on Instagram, but I feel like blogging will help me connect with more people. I’m also interested in collabs with other writers and content creators so feel free to reach out!

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